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Was he an outcast?

I came across this post of Emma when she was doing a school project. She is getting ready to revive this project, so I dug it up. Little did I know that Henry was an "outcast."

Henry Lunt is a prominent pioneer in Southern Utah. He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in England and then joined the saints in Utah. Henry was sent to Cedar City to help with colonizing efforts. He is listed as one of three founding members, served as mayor and also served as a bishop of Cedar City. He became an "outcast" for practicing polygamy. At one point he spent a long winter with Francis Webster and C.J. Arthur at Cook's Spring on Cedar Mountain. The three men came to the rim once each week to receive mail and supplies from their sons who battled through deep snow drifts to reach them. The men often sat looking down upon the silent city and could see the smoke curling from the chimneys of their own homes. Sometimes smoke signals were sent from those chimneys—one puff meant "the boys have gone and are on the way to bring supplies," two puffs meant "all is well," and three puffs meant "we send our love." They probably had other signals. The following is an entry taken from C. J. Arthur's journal: Henry took the name of “John Cope” while in exile to avoid being tracked by the Federal officers. When the US Marshals were hunting Mormon polygamous families. Henry settled in Colonia Pacheco in Old Mexico with his three wives and their families. Emma's paternal great grandmother Zina Lunt Rigby, was the last living grandchild of Henry Lunt. Our family descends from Henry's wife, Ann Gower Lunt October 10, 1843-Jan11, 1914.

Emma (2015, age 10) pictured above with Henry Lunt, (32 years old) Sharing my love of family history with my children is my greatest joy. Emma and I spent an afternoon researching her great great great grandfather, Henry Lunt. His personal history came to life as we took a field trip to Special Collections at Southern Utah University.

Emma was able to make some entries in her own journal: Henry Lunt was born July 20, 1824 and died January 22, 1902. Emma's great Grandmother Zina Lunt (Rigby) was the last living grandchild of Henry's.

Only direct descendants are allowed to handle these items. How exciting... The collection included: his spectacles, his handwritten journal, and his 1883 copy of the Doctrine and covenants.

Henry lived a life of great faith and dedication to the Lord. Henry boarded the ship Argo in January 1850 on a cold bleak day. Henry had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was saying good-bye to his beloved England, family and friends- all that he held dear --- The Love of God abounded in his heart and the message of the "good news" of the gospel penetrated his heart. Henry was on his way to join ZION!

The faith of our forefathers is felt as we come to know them... I know our faith was strengthened by our conversation with Henry Lunt!


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