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The Great Outdoors and our favorite Dad!

Growing up, the extent of my outdoor experiences included driving through national parks and camping in the backyard. But we did have sleeping bags. They were old and green and had deer patterns on the inside. I can still smell the scent they carried - the must from the attic where they had been packed away for the year.

But I loved that scent and I can still recall it today. My dad and my brothers used the sleeping bags for camping at the S curve campground just up Cedar Canyon. My dad would throw the sleeping bags out for the boys and they would sleep around the campfire while my dad would climb into the old station wagon and snore away (this is how they earned their camping merit badges for scouts). Their camp outs were quick because they had to be down the mountain to do their paper routes early the next morning. My dad was a die hard scouter, but not an outdoorsman- go figure.

However, for me those sleeping bags meant the 3rd of July and sleeping under the stars in our backyard. This was a family tradition. My older sister's birthday was the third and early the morning of the 4th cannons would go off celebrating the birth of our country. I love those backyard memories with my siblings, the moonlit sky, and the canons.

Today, my outdoor experience has expanded thanks to Rigby. At my bridal shower 26 years ago he presented me with a double sleeping bag and a tent. We camped in the Redwoods for our honeymoon and our adventures have grown from there. We hike, camp, fish, kayak, hunt, 4 wheel, and mountain bike.

And our favorite place for adventure is Beaver, Mountain. For Father's Day, we camped at Big John's Flat and enjoyed the cool temperatures and the solitude. In fact, we have decided as a family that from now on Father's Day should be celebrated on that mountain with our favorite dad.

The highlight of this camping adventure was hiking to Delano Peak- elevation 12,169 feet- a 2, 000 foot climb in elevation. The view was amazing and along the way we encountered, thunder, lightning, rain, hail, and snow making it all the more memorable. It was amazing.

While the fishing was average, kayaking and shooting the bow were the best. The best food and memories are made at camp. I have exchanged my backyard campouts for weekend adventures in the mountains, but I will always treasure the memories from my youth- I sure hope our children will do the same!

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite dad! Thanks for sharing so many adventures with us- you are everybody’s favorite coach, cheerleader, spiritual advisor, work pal, fishing buddy, hunting guide , chef, financial planner, playmate, confidante, guidance counselor, boss, and friend. We love you so much! Thanks for the great weekend at our favorite place!


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