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The Best of Boston

It was cold in Boston, but we bundled up and explored the city- it was one fun-filled week. Traveling with the youngest two of our five was a breeze and certainly a lot cheaper than feeding teenage boys

Boston is filled with the best of everything. And for us it will always be filled with the best memories. The European vibe it echoes seeps into your bone- every street corner seems to have a moment in history- a story to tell.

For me, Boston ranks with the most beautiful cities in the world- Paris, Copenhagen, London, Prague, Berlin, Luxembourg City, Lucerne, New York, and D.C. I have been to them all and I have loved them all, but Boston will always have my heart. If you ever get the chance, you must go. Stay in the historic district if you can. We stayed at Marriot's Custom House- it was fabulous. I will return one day!

Here's my list of the Best of Boston

Boston Creme Pies- There is a Dunkn' Donuts on every Corner

Hanover Street in Boston's North end- Italian food and Mike's Pastrys

Harvard University- it's amazing

The Daffodils

The Pink blossoms

The street libraries

The architecture

the Quiet Streets

Queen Anne's Carousel

Boston's T- the subway

China Town

The Theatre District- We loved Les Miserables

Queen Anne's Carousel


Boston Common

Freedom Trail

The street musicians

Don't forget to add on Lexington, Concord, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and my favorite Walden

The windy Streets

Duck Tour

Boston Harbor

Custom House

Boston Public Market

And my favorite- The cemeteries--- We love you Paul Revere

Tomorrow, I begin my rod trip from Southern Utah to Chicago with the oldest of our fab 5- It is going to be amazing. I hope you will follow along!


Barnwood and Tulips

P.S. I miss you Boston1


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