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Picture This- my favorite photo

A two year old little boy when his father was called to war. Not any little boy... my father

Max Kimball Weaver. My dad turns 83 this April and the only thing he and wine have in age is that they both get better with age.

 Bud or Jake as we affectionately call him was born to Ruth and Max on  April 4, 1941 in Helper Utah.  Max and Ruth were raised in the depression. The old saying "fix it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" was deeply embedded in his child rearing.  My father has always paid his debts.  His life is simple yet beautiful!

I love my dad.  I love the boy he was,  and the man he became.  He has taught we so much about what really matters in life. 

My father has lived an honorable life- he is not rich or famous, but each of his seven children graduated from college, the boys served missions, and each child married in the temple- I would say he is successful- 


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