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Picture Perfect?

It is spring in our little CC town although some might call it splinter. I am trying hard not to complain. I put on two layers of clothes before I headed out for Maleck's little league game tonight. Don't worry, he had on three. The forecast says there is sunshine coming next week... I hope so it has been a tough one.

The house is covered in sheet rock dust from our kitchen remodel- at this point I am wondering if I will ever bake again. I have turned into a frozen food mom because I can cook it on the smoker.

While we remodel our kitchen, our children continue to grow, the days pass and the laundry is an never ending job. Stockton graduates from high school in 34 four days. I am not sure if I will breathe a long sigh of relief or cry endlessly. It has been one hard road to get him here.

His ankle injury as a sophomore was never ending followed by surgery last year to give him his last year on the football field. His high school experience is nothing like we imagined. What a journey the two of us have been on together. Tonight he was jabbing me and tickling me as I tried to keep score during Maleck's game. How grateful I am that we still have him. Anxiety and depression are real.

How grateful I am for what he continues to teach me and how I pray that he will turn to God on the next part of his journey.

No one ever told me how emotionally hard it was to be a mom. I guess it is a good thing I didn't know

Love you Stockton!

xo, mommy


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