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Origins- who is Emma?

I have my own Emma. Today, she was set a part as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Tomorrow she will enter the home MTC. On January 31, 2024 she will enter the Provo MTC. Emma is our only daughter of five children. She is definitely a little bit sugar... a little bit spice. However, the moment she was born a distinct feeling entered the room.

Our Emma was named for her paternal great grandmother, Emma Velma Leany. Velma was a very loving woman. Emma is a strong name with much history attached to it. Particularly, Emma Smith, the Prophet Joseph's wife, embodied strength, courage and faith.

Tonight, I found another Emma. Emma Weaver was the daughter of my great. great. great grandparents. All I know is that Emma was born in about 1850 in Lugwardine, Herefodshire, England, United Kingdom. Emma was the daughter of John and Elisabeth Weaver. Records indicate that Emma was baptized on June 12 1849. The 1851 Census of 1851 included Emma in James Weaver's household. Emma was one year old.

Emma's parents joined the church in England. Emma married James Davies. In 1870 they had a daughter Ellen in Ledbury Herefordshire, England. Emma was 21 at the time of her daughter's birth and her husband was 24. There is no death date attached to Emma's name. There are no memories. What became of Emma? Did she join the church, did she stay in England.

My Emma is joining TEAM Jesus. She will help many like Emma Weaver find Jesus Christ. She will help many find their own origins.


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