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Not All Who Wander are Lost

My paternal grandfather, Max Dickson Weaver, was a landscape artist. At a young age, he shared with me the beauty of colors, of shadows, and of light. I fell in love with God's creations at my Grandfather's knees. And then I married Rigby and my "love affair" with the great outdoors took me on unimaginable adventures. We seldom camp in campgrounds but prefer BLM land. Crowds and neighbors aren't our thing. Fortunately, we have a trailer that is self contained and allows us to enjoy beauties off of the beaten path.

We left Cedar City in the midst of a snow storm and found ourselves victim to the 3 hour I-15 closure. Finally, we enjoyed an evening in Richfield watching Maleck play ball. After his Saturday morning game, we hit the road and headed to Arches National Park- it was magical. Mom and Dad R and Uncle Bruce joined us in their motorhome and together we camped in the snow, roasted s'mores over the campfire and played some wicked games of horse shoes- I even won a game or too.

Horseshoe Bend, Balanced Rock, The Windows, Double Arch, and Elephant Butte, and Parade of the Elephants were mesmerizing, but our trek to Delicate Arch left us spell bound. Maleck's reaction was simply , "WOW, oh Wow!"

"The 46-foot-tall arch is the most widely known of the 2,000 arches in the park, which receives more than 1.5 million visitors per year, according to the National Park Service. The arch is a Utah icon, appearing as one of three standard-issue license plates options" (

For me this three day get a way was a much needed break from COVID in the classroom as 1st year High School English teacher. I enjoyed everything about our adventure, but my favorite moments were with our three children. I loved watching them enjoy each other, laugh and make memories. For Rigby and me that is always the highlight.

Happy Trails!




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