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My story- leading a purposeful life.

I am convinced that everyone has a story. My story is woven in motherhood. The moment Brenna clicked this photo- it was a larger than life.. an A-- HA moment- everything made sense. My purpose in life was validated- five strong, healthy, individuals who are progressing, growing, learning. I love my life- the life Rigby and I have created. It is not perfect, nor are we, but it is purposeful.

My children are my work of art I offer to the world.

Seleck, Freshmen in college- major- Communications, spansh (pre- law), Presidential Ambassador, driven, determined,

Stockton, Freshmen in college- pursuing a career as a Physician's Assistant, kind ,caring, compassionate, works as a CNA just lost his first patient (we will miss you Mickey).

Madsen- Junior in high school, basketball, baseball, travel bound, smart, sweet, sometimes sassy.

Emma- 8th grader, runner, basketball lover, dedicated student, fighting an appendicitis this week.

Maleck- the baby boy, rule keeper, responsible, a mover and a shaker, loves to play, ride his bike, doesn't enjoy working.

Travis- My Rigby, outdoorsman, savy businessman, father, friend, playmate

me- a juggler of life... but love every minute of it.


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