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My Father's Favorites Monday Memory

I am not exactly sure when it happened. Maybe, when I started loosing my grandparents. My grandpa Hofheins died in 1999, Grandma Weaver in 2009, Grandma Hofheins in 2010 and the last one to go, my grandpa Weaver in 2012. It is so strange to be without them. I kind of feel like an orphan. There were so many things I wished I would have asked them... wished I would have experienced with them. Thankfully, I was able to spend more time with my Grandfather Weaver as he lived with my parents until his death. But I have found myself not wanting to make the same mistake with my parent so every Thursday, my dad and I are sit down for our "Little Chats." This past Thursday, I wanted to give my children something tangible to hang onto- things they could see, feel, and even taste... sensory memories of their grandfather.

So I simply asked my dad to name some of his favorite things. This was a fun "chat" and we enjoyed a lot of laughs (I wish you could hear his laugh). Anyways, I highly recommend this activity with your loved ones.

Favorite things

Candy bar- Milky Way

Favorite soda- Root beer

Favorite ice cream- chocolate

Favorite movie- Ben Hur (My grandpa Chris Weaver gave me 5 bucks to go to the movie before my mission- that was the last time I ever saw my grandpa.)

Favorite song- “I dream of Geenie.”

Favorite book- The Book of Mormon

Favorite vacation- Yellowstone when I was a teenager

Favorite friend- Gene Davis at Cedar High

First kiss- Mariam Gardner

Favorite subject in school- history

Favorite president-Honest Abe, Abraham Lincoln

Favorite time of life- Senior in high school

Favorite merit badge to earn- Art- I enjoyed this time with my dad- drawing and hiking with my dad

Hardest merit badge- life saving/swimming

Favorite campout spot- Logan willows- west of Logan

Favorite holiday- 4th of July

Favorite dinner that your mom cooked- mother wasn’t a very good cook- she loved to make “Hoppy’s delight” everything from the kitchen.

Favorite season of the year- Winter- sledding, ice skating, hockey

Favorite job- my paper route- it taught me how to work

Favorite pet- dog named Brin

Favorite place to live- Logan, Utah 1262 Canyon Road

Favorite part of being a dad- being with the boys, ball games, being involved

Favorite sport- football

Hobbies/interests- scouting, reading, gardening, walking, family history

If you could be anybody in the world who would it be? Spencer W. Kimball

If you could have a conversation with anybody who would it be? With my dad… I would tell him how much I loved him, how much I missed him!

Favorite Movie Star- John Wayne

Favorite quote “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!" John Wayne


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