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Sometimes all it take is 3 seconds of perfection to remind you how LUCKY you are. I love this photo of us throwing snow- it is my favorite- It was like our "Fab Five" were all little again, and we were building a snowman in the front yard. It was perfection. Though you can't see my smile, it is a BIG one!

These photos were taken on December 18, 2022 exactly one week before Christmas. This was our third attempt at family pictures, but it happened- we got LUCKY ( I am so grateful to our dear friend Alisha Black for snapping these memories).

This July, Travis and I will celebrate 30 years. I am so LUCKY to have him as my forever. Our Rigby walkabouts are my favorite. Sage brush and saw dust describe him perfectly. We met when we were 15 and now we are nearly 50. Our "Fab Five" have made us the LUCKIEST parents on earth.

LUCKY to have him... Seleck (25) was born April 22, 1998. He made us parents first. He has been so patient with us as we learned how to parent. In everything Seleck has ever done, he has given absolutely 110%. He is Smart, Studious, Spiritual, Strong (in body and spirit), Sensitive and Service oriented. He will be awarded his diploma from SUU in April with a double major in Philosophy and Accounting and minors in Spanish and Communications. He is currently working towards his Masters in Accounting and pursuing his CPA.

Leydi (23) is Seleck's LUCKY charm and we are so grateful she joined our family. Seleck met Leydi while on a study abroad program with SUU in Peru. The two fell in love quickly and they were LUCKY that Leydy's fiance's Visa was granted in a record breaking nine months. The two were married in the Cedar City Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on January 18, 2020, approximately eight weeks before COVID 19 changed everyone's world.

Leydi left all she knew, including her family, friends, and country. She came to America, knowing very little English and married a man she "barely knew." Shortly after they married, COVID-19 changed everything and left her even more isolated than before. Together, the two struggled and grew much. Leydi has obtained her Associate's Degree in Business and will receive her diploma alongside Seleck in April. They are LUCKY to have each other.

Stockton (23) is everything sunshine- until he starts working and then look out and get out of the way! Stockton returned from the Alabama Birmingham Mission in October and we are super LUCKY to have him back. His faith in God and continuous desire to serve him makes our family as a whole even LUCKIER. Presently, Stockton is studying at SUU and working in the family businesses. I am so LUCKY he has stuck around to spread sunshine and tease me on a daily basis.

Madsen (20) is our quiet giant who has taught us all what it means to persevere. His approach to life is slow and steady, but his gentle quiet envelops us with sincere love. And frankly, he gives the best hugs. Madsen's presence reminds me daily how LUCKY I am to have such a full life and that he is in it. We are all LUCKY to have second chances. Madsen will finish his BA in Business following fall Semester 2023- Rigby and I are beyond proud. Madsen runs the family car wash and helps coach the freshmen high school baseball team.

Emma (18) graduates from high school in less than ten weeks. She spreads her LUCK through her kindness and courage. Emma has experienced so much growth in the last year, making her one LUCKY gal. Learning to lead has transformed who Emma is. This past week she broke a "Six Minute Mile..." Five minutes and fifty five seconds- Emma has BECOME, making Rigby and I the LUCKIEST of parents. She plans to attend SUU in the fall and serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints early next year. Continue to chase your dreams EMMA... there are so many more four leaf clovers to find.

Maleck (14)... no longer my "baby boy" with size 12 1/2 shoes he stands 5 feet 7 inches. Maleck loves everything outdoors, and he likes to mix it up on the basketball court and football field. Having lost two babies before we Maleck was born, we were definitely LUCKY to have him join our family! His birth is a story of miracles, saying we were LUCKY to get him, is an understatement. The day I first held him, I knew I was beyond LUCKY to have have him as our caboose. Maleck has a strong sense of direction and follows his spiritual compass.

LUCKY is a Five Letter Word... and they are my FAB FIVE... yep, LUCKY Me- plus one!


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