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Influencer- Caleb Smith

Caleb Smith my Great Great Uncle influenced the lives of two youth for good. On a Saturday afternoon two young boys of Eaton Bray entered the orchard of Mr. Caleb Smith and took a half a peck of plums. The constable approached the boys as they were exiting the orchard at which point they immediately dropped the plums. The boys were taken into custody where the constable explained the law to them "they were liable to be sent to gaol (jail) for a term not exceeding 6 months, with hard labour, or pay for the articles stolen and injury done - a price tags of up to 20 pounds. Thank to Mr Smith's intervention the two to three days already served was seen as enough. The boys were counseled to ask God for forgiveness, Thank Mr. Smith, and do their best to be honest.

Caleb Smith was the brother of Thomas X. Smith and George William Smith who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in England and came to Zion with the Saints. They were the only two of the 10 Smith children to join the church.

Two of Caleb's grandson (sons of Thomas Smith- Ernest Thomas Smith and William Joseph Smith) died in French Flanders Nord, France two days apart in April 1917 in World War 1. Thomas and Alice's only other son died when he was just ten years old. The loss of these soldiers must have been unbearable having lost another son previously.

Caleb's example of charity and forgiveness definitely qualifies him as an Influencer.


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