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Corona Road Trip

I have tried very hard to stay positive during this Pandemic, but it has been tough for more reasons than the obvious (but I'll share that story some day). Yesterday, I had planned to take some of the "Fab Five" on a Road trip to the Grand Canyon, but it like the rest of the world remains closed. So our Corona Road trip was our best alternative. As a Southwest Wanderer, I love all the stories that I have chased. Most of them have some "food stop" along the way so of course our first stop was the famous Veyo Pies

We each ordered our favorite slice of pie. I chose chocolate. Emma chose Lemon. Stockton went for blue berry and Maleck devoured his slice of Cherry. We ate our pie at the historic chapel owned and built by the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day - read about it here Saints

It is amazing- I can't wait to go back. The red rock cliffs and sandstone provide plenty of eye candy, but it also great for swimming, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, and cliff jumping. We all enjoyed this stop!

We took the road to Ivins from Gunlock and found some rustic rubble- my favorite!

Next we headed for a sleep over in St. George at Grandma's. We made a quick stop at the St George Temple to check out how the renovations were coming- it was amazing

We enjoyed a great breakfast in the morning and a game of pickle ball before heading home.

This little road trip did my heart good and hanging with some of my crew was perfect for reconnecting and memory making.


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