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Christmases Past

Life is good in our little CC town. The morning sky is quiet as the sun is slowly making its way to the horizon leaving purples and pinks lingering in the morning sky. A skiff of snow blankets the grass and one solitary snowman stands proudly in our yard. We are happy, blessed and encouraged by the prospects of the New Year.

It seems as each Christmas passes we take time to remember, to cherish, and to love each other a little more. So hard to believe that our five "littles" are not quite so little any more. A decade has come and gone since we welcomed our last baby into our home. Rigby and I rejoice in their goodness and feel blessed to be their parents.

Enjoy our Christmas letters, photos and cards from seasons past- Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2013

I awoke last week at 6 am to be greeted by cute Maleck who quickly asked, “Mommy, What is Santa’s phone number.” We love this kid! Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays! Here is a quick Rigby family update-

Seleck- Almost 16 (not sure I am ready for this) LOVES football, running, hunting, fishing, and teasing me. Great student, great singer, class officer- HAPPY!

Stockton- At almost 14 Stockton’s energy keeps us all on our toes. As our resident sports fanatic, he enjoys football, basketball and baseball. He loves band (Ha, Ha). In fact, he took up the tuba this year and loves to blow this BIG horn at home.

Madsen- At age 11 Madsen LOVES getting up to go to 6th grade (LOL). You can find Madsen most often on the basketball court or baseball diamond. He is our resident guitarist and AVID reader.

Emma- At almost 9 Emma loves 3rd grade and Mrs. Bybee, bike riding, friends, changing her clothes, soccer, dancing and sometimes playing the piano… memorized the 13 articles of faith- Hurrah!

Maleck- Our baby is five- He also is the resident commander of our home. My favorite phrases- “mommy I want to hold you,” “mommy will you play with me?” and “daddy let’s wrestle.” Maleck loves slip and sliding, sledding, pre school, hot chocolate, and yummy drinks!

Travis- Scoutmaster, businessman, avid outdoorsman, yummy drink maker, kind, gentle, AMAZING father, husband, and leader of our home. We simply adore him!

Me- Amyanne- LOVES doing laundry, driving the family taxi, checking homework, encouraging practicing of musical instruments. Okay, so really loves cuddles, stories, giggles, Seleck’s teasing, Stockton’s noise, Madsen’s reading, Emma’s spunk, holding Maleck’s little hands, and being withTravis… doing anything!

Christmas 2015

Mom says she is a “Storykeeper” and that her favorite stories are the ones in which we are the “stars.” She calls us her “Fab 5” but with daddy, her 6th kiddo- we are the “Super Six.” We are growing up in the shadows of the red rock hills in Southern Utah. It is our home and the setting for our stories.

Dad’s story begins and ends in the mountains. His business savy makes it possible for mom to stay at home. He hikes in the mountains (the taller the better) whenever he gets a chance, fishes in the streams, coaches our teams, serves Heavenly Father diligently, supports us in all of our activities and athletics, and scouts bucks in the nearby mountains. This year he traveled to Alaska and harvested an amazing moose.

The stories of football and Rugby, and the life of CVHS Student Body President belong to Seleck. He put two 80 foot letters “CV” on the hill overlooking the football field, and had a 9,000 pound rock moved to campus… the spirit rock (great thanks to many people).His stories continue in the art room, choir room and as CVHS Science Sterling Scholar. Stories yet to be written, a mission, college, more adventures.

Sophomore Stockton’s stories are dazzling – charm, wit and sparkling blue eyes, but he is not soft- Junior Varsity MVP Football player, basketball “baller”, and baseball player. Stories of strength, growth and leadership are behind the next door… adversity- a broken ankle watching his bros play ball- the dreaded “Rigby Sophomore Curse.” Academics, athletics, sprinkled with choir, yes the kid sings too!

On his way out the middle school door, Madsen plots his high school years. his stories- worked hard on the mound this year as 12 year old All Star pitcher and short stop, hoops its up on the court-hard worker, enjoys the guitar, helping dad with projects, hunting- 8 miles rugged terrain, over 5,000 feet in ascent- amazing buck!

Character is required in her story as the only female with four brothers. Emma is 10 going on 15. She is Daddy’s “darling”, mom’s bestie, Maleck’s playmate Madsen’s agitator, and sometimes Seleck and Stockton’s sweetheart. She prefers to write her stories through the lens of a camera as she runs, plays basketball, reads, makes crafts, and plays the piano.

Ever confident seven year old Maleck, leads, directs, and writes all of our stories. He is the CHIEF. While not very fond of work, his excuses are creative. They include fort building, football, basketball, baseball, four wheeling, hiking, hunting, legos, and bike riding. He is an early riser and a late night owl. He loves everything about first grade and school… at least today!

There is never enough time for mom to keep the stories. She wishes to freeze the magic of our childhoods. For some of them, the days of childhood are more than gone. The joy of watching them grow is intertwined with heartache and pride, dishes and dinner, laundry and car pools, lunches and homework. She is a midnight blogger, freelance writer, and family history lover. And then of course there is the story of Thanksgiving in the Mormon Mountains and her first buck- a 4x7 with two six inch eye guards- and she shot it left handed- not bragging at all.

She and dad raise us on her stories, his adventures, and the irreplaceable story of baby Jesus born in a stable centuries ago. His story is the best story to Keep. Keep it in your heart forever this Christmas and always. Sending you our love this Christmas and many Happy stories in the New Year! Love, Travis, Amyanne, Seleck, Stockton, Madsen, Emma and Maleck.

My Hallmark Holiday

Walking down Main Street of a neighboring town tonight, we were surrounded by friends and neighbors following the shepherds to greet the “New Born King.” It was magical… a memory made that I thought only happened on Television. But it was real and it was a gift- the first gift of Christmas and the only gift that matters- Jesus Christ.

Music filled the air as the Count Down began and the small park was illuminated while the crowd joined in singing Christmas Carols- Silent Night, Joy to the World, and Away in a Manger- A wondrous way to welcome Christmas.

That was the plan -usher in the holidays with the true meaning. So we took the ride, we bundled up and we rejoiced- we remembered!

The Holiday Season warms us with memories—they come with hot chocolate, cut Christmas trees, warm homemade rolls, delicious, mashed potatoes, fresh baked pie, and don’t forget the fudge.

Rigby and I enjoyed our Thanksgiving Break with our “Fab Five.” We played and worked. They will say we worked more. However, years from now when are gone- hopefully, prayerfully, we pray they will remember the procession to see the baby Jesus. We pray that they will live their lives so as to return to him- that they will take the journey- that they will remember.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Barnwood and Tulips!

May we gather as families and quietly think about that baby in the manger and not be too overwhelmed by what is to come. Take a quiet moment and ponder the beginning of his life – the culmination of heavenly prophecy, the most serene moment in the history of the world – when all the heavens rejoiced, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men. May we find Jesus more than ever in the New Year

Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years


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