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Wednesday Write

I met him when I was 9. His name was Gavin Ottenbacher (I think). The grandson of Edwin Cleveland Stoddard Kimball, the grandson of Of Edwin Cleveland Stoddard- the missing link. It was a summer day and his family was passing through town and his mom decided to look up her cousin "Kim" as they called my dad.

We played under the elm trees on 2nd east. He was my cousin too! We share the story of Ed and Jennie and Leo and Marie. We share the same roots. I feel like I am supposed to find him... like he is looking for his family, his roots, his story. I pray that he might google his great grandfather's name, )Edwin Cleveland Stoddard) and that he might find me.

I want to share with him our story. The story of Daffodils for Ruthie. I want him to meet Annie and Thomas. I want him to feel the strength of his heritage- his birthright. I want him to kneel at Jennie's grave.

I am praying for you Gavin...

Come smell the Daffodils


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