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Barnwood and Tulips

Barnwood - In April of 2009, I adventured with my grandfather Max Dickson Weaver (then 93) to the Dickson homestead in Richville, Utah (His Grandfather, Albert Douglass Dickson’s farmland).  It was a pilgrimage of sorts. I placed flowers at Albert’s gravesite which overlooks his beautiful land.  I meandered with my grandfather as he shared memories and moments from his life.  He shared stories of strength and faith.  This was my journey.  I lost my grandfather last year in October.  He was 95.  Rigby took me back to Richville that November.  I scurried across the locked gate of the Dickson Homestead and took a piece of barn wood.  It stands in the entrance of our home.  It reminds me of my heritage… that I can do hard things.


Tullips-  Zina Lunt Rigby was my husband’s grandmother.  She embodied what a woman should be- refined, feminine, intelligent, hardworking, frugal, funny and yes fun!  During the last months of her life, every Tuesday I read to her.  Many said what a blessing I was to this sweet woman.  Truthfully, she was mine- she saved me.  After her passing, we journeyed to her home and dug up some tulip bulbs from her landscape where our Five regularly attended with helping hands.  Today, they are planted in our backyard.  Zina’s tulips teach me to learn, to love, and to laugh!



So there you have it Lessons from Zina, Max, and so many of my friends past and present who have taught me that hard things can be laced with laughter



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