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Why Waco?

Going to Waco Texas has been on our "bucket list" for years, so we finally made it happen. Emma is somewhat of a closet decorator and has been for years. She has watched every episode of Fixer Upper, " so for her this was a dream come true, celebrating 18 in Waco.

Now if you aren't familiar with Chip and Joanna Gaines, you probably are wondering what beside Dr. Pepper could possibly be great about Waco. In fact, downtown Waco has a hard history.

On the morning of May 11, 1953, the deadliest Tornado in Texas since 1900 ripped through Waco and left its downtown area is shambles and 114 dead. Since that time Waco's main area of commerce has been bludgeoned by crime and gangs. The 1993 Waco Massacre didn't exactly put Waco on the "Top 10" anything either.

In the last 30 years, the city has tried everything to restore its downtown are, but nothing stuck. Until well a young hard working couple driven by the need to provide for their growing family starting "flipping houses." And well then shall we say, the rest is history.

Or shall we say the rest is, MAGNOLIA. For those of you not familiar with where the beloved name Magnolia came from, Chip climbed up a tree on one of his first dates with Joanna and plucked a Magnolia bloom from its branches. The flower has come to embody their company. They have planted a Magnolia Tree at every fixer upper home including their own farmhouse. This sweet sentiment emerged into a destination in downtown Waco rivaling Disneyland's Main Street USA.

Magnolia has revived the downtown area of Waco changing the city's reputation and igniting a new economy with bakeries, cafes, VRBO's, antique shops, and hotels. It is definitely not "Wild Waco" anymore.

Magnolia is definitely worth the trip. Emma and I were in heaven as we strolled through Magnolia square. There was "Eye Candy" everywhere. Of course, we had to try a little of everything at the bakery: chocolate chip cookie, brownie, lemon lavender cupcake, blueberry muffin and the coconut cupcake. Everything was scrumptious.

After our stop at the bakery, we perused Magnolia Home, Shopped in the cottages, Explored the Silos, wandered onto the mini baseball diamond, marveled at the vintage church, and grabbed some hot chocolate at the Magnolia Press. After more shopping we caught an early dinner at Magnolia Table (we had a 90 minute wait time, but it was well worth it). Later that night we enjoyed a concert at the Backyard Barbeque and Grill within walking distance to Magnolia. Bri Bagwell was the featured artist and it was so much fun to get another "Taste of Texas." The BBQ pork sandwich was amazing and Bri's music was the "icing on the cake."

The next day, we caught a Fixer Upper Tour with a local tour company. It was fabulous and definitely worth the price tag. Our guide was knowledgeable and definitely "Chip and Joanna" fans herself. We were able to get out at the Castle for photos, and we ever were able to go into a home acquired by the tour company owner and used as a VRBO. It was so much fun!

That night we enjoyed eating pizza on the Brazos River and enjoyed a Wander on the Riverwalk.

Magnolia was amazing, but the time spent celebrating Emma was irreplaceable. A mother daughter trip is something I think Chip and Joanna would definitely approve of. Thanks Magnolia for the Memories

On a side note, while we listened to Bri's Pre-show, I took note of Emma's favorites- something fun look back on in future years

Favorite country singer- Taylor swift Best friends- lily, brayleyn, Addison. Hallie, Anna, Scotty, hunter, cross country, Seth, gabe, Derek, My family, CHLOE Favorite restaurant- chick Fil a Favorite drink- water, Powerade Favorite vehicle- forerunner Favorite show- Hawaii 5-0, team Steve Favorite vacation spot- mountains or Hawaii Favorite ice cream- bubble gum Favorite color- green Who do u want to be like when u grow up- Jesus hobbies- running, hunting, watching movies, fashion and design Definitely- Daddy’s girl... it's okay 'Em he is my favorite too! Favorite brothers- all of them Favorite season- cross country season—- haha In between summer and fall Favorite holiday- Christmas or my birthday Favorite cookie- oatmeal raisin Favorite cake- cherry chip Favorite life change experience- GHA, every cross country season Favorite coach of all time- my dad Favorite quote of all time- “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together Favorite mom moment- Wacco , Texas, dance dress shopping Favorite hunt of all time- Arizona elk hunt Favorite hymn- god be with until we meet again Favorite scripture- 2 nephi 32:9 Favorite senior memory- region cross country Favorite card game- I hate cards- I hate to lose


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