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Weekend Wander, Capitol Reef National Park

I stole a few days with my "youngers" and headed to Wayne County- destination Loa, Road Creek Inn- I have been chasing a story for a few months now. Em and I were going to take pics (we gave her a canon camera fro her 13th bday) and Maleck was game for the adventure. It was the best drive- 2 1/2 hours to quiet solitude. Rigby brought the "olders" over that night and joined us for the evening at the Inn. (This building was built in 1912- loved its history)

I am constantly drawn to abandoned buildings. To me they are art- storymarkers- I guess It is my own way of time traveling. This weekend get away had me stopping for photo ops at Butch Cassidy's Hide out near Circleville, abandoned cabins along the way, the old school house in Greenwich, the old apple dance hall in Torrey, and of course the old movie theater in Bicknell.

Our morning ride and exploring in Capitol Reef was perfect- few tourists. We wandered, hiked, found treasures. It was blissful, rejuvenating, and simply soul satisfying.

I wish every weekend was as adventurous as this one.

Where will you wander next?

Be sure to listen for the stories along the way because although the destination is great it is in the journey making that etchings are carved in our senses leaving memories like the aroma of fresh baked bread.


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