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Wednesday Write

It is nearly midnight again and my fingers have wanted to talk all day. I go around most days writing stories in my head, but I never seem to have the time to get them out. My grandfather, the artist, used to tell me I painted pictures with words. I like that! My camera is usually always close by to help me remember.. to create.

Today, was a great day! I spent the morning cleaning up the remodel mess... thankfully, soon we will be painting and then the cabinets will arrive. Emma and I stole a little "girl time" this afternoon walking main street or our own little CC town. The eye candy was good for the soul and provoked my senses.

The daffodils and tulips are still in bloom and I love the way they wave to me as I pass by as if they know they are my favorite. I await summer and lemonade and night games. The crickets will do their bidding and draw the children out to play. I will lie in my hammock and remember when I too used to "jump over the can" and cry "olly-olly-Oxen-Free.

I can still feel the night air on 2nd east... nearby I hear the clink of a bat as it hits the ball at the neighboring ball park. My mom sits in her old metal lawn chair inherited from my father's grandmother Kimball. She holds the evening paper in her hands and reads until the dipping sun has set. Soon she will call us home.


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