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Wednesday Write...

Inspired by the Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine 1881-1901, Arizona Territories, "These is my Words"

Dear Lord, I am afraid I have become proud and  haughty and  caught up in all the fame of my recent cougar kill.  I pray thou will curb my cantankerous spirit, my swift tongue, and my worldly ways.  Lest I forget again to keep your day holy and not kill-

I think of my cousin Jimmy who lost his leg the day after Christmas.  Perhaps, I too should take up jumping box cars on the rail.  He died with his leg on.  I wonder if the doc had taken the leg if Jimmy would've lived.  I wonder if Jimmy ever killed a cougar?

My mama says her daddy rode the range with lipstick on to keep his lips from burning.  He wasn't much of a church going man, not sure he ever kept the Sabbath day.

Then there was Thomas X. and all his little 'uns.  They says my grandma Jennie was his favorite.  Maybe hers name was the only one he could done remember-she being the baby of them 21- can't blame him.   He must not have thought so highly when I pulled that trigger on the Lord's day he being bishop them 47 years and all.

But Lord, I sure did have me some fun- a grand adventure if I may say so, but I have taken your scolding to heart--- I am hoping never to commit them two sins again.



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