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We were just kids....

really we were when we fell in love. Now more than two decades later, Rigby is still the one who floats my boat. Our marriage has has been and is far from perfect. We have had our share of troubles, health concerns, family issues,career changes, and now TEENAGERS. To be quite honest, I don't like being told what to do- nope not one bit.

We both are a little bit spicy- seriously we both have strong and very in charge personalities, but somehow we have made it work. We made Thanksgiving dinner this year- I did the prep, shopped, delegated side dishes to the kids (Maleck, grandma Hofheins' slush(drink), Seleck mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole,Stockton stuffing and bananas and cream, Madsen green salad, and steamed veggies, and Emma made the rolls) my mom of course made the pies, and then I was his sous chef. He smoked the turkey and the ham and made the gravy (It was one beautiful bird!.

I guess that is how any good marriage lasts- someone has to be the sous chef. In our house, we take turns- and we're okay with that. That's what marriage has taught us-compromise- taking turns. This July we will celebrate 24 years. We have laughed, cried, shouted, forgave, worked, and then worked some more.

It's the holiday season. This morning at 7 AM I put Rigby on a plane. Yep, we are in another one of those career transitions (the ups and downs of being married to an entrepreneur). I kissed and hugged him good bye and then did it again. I watched him go through security and then I stood alone in the airport and cried.

You see living without him is no fun. He is my Christmas. I am counting the days til he returns and being extra grateful that he will come back! #alwaysandforever


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