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Waterfall Wander- Sulphur Creek, Capitol Reef National Park

There is nothing like teaming up adventure and family reunions. My Weaver Family added one to our family reunion this year. We tackled Sulphur Creek Trail in Capitol Reef National Park. This semi- challenging 6 mile hike takes about 4 hours maintaining a a steady pace. The first two miles requires a little bit of patience as the trail consists mostly of a dry wash (boring for some)

, but after that, the water is plentiful and the views and rock formations are absolutely stunning.

Destination hikes are one of my favorite hobbies. Rigby prefers deer trails, but I love scenic byways. Sulphur Creek did not disappoint. With a crew of about 16, we had plenty of time to mix up the dynamics and visit with about everyone. The only two who were scarce on this journey were the 10 and 11 year old- they were always in the front, soaked in water- no matter how deep it was.

We did have one mishap- cute sydnee landed on her foot wrong and twisted her ankle. Thank goodness for her amazing bro-in-law Juan and her two cute cousins- Dallas and Madsen.

Seriously though, I love this hike. I loved Capitol Reef and I loved hanging with this crew. Be sure to add Sulphur Creek to your waterfall summer bucketlist hikes- it is totally worth the wander.

Enjoy the photos... happy hiking!

Our Itinerary

Lodging at the Historic Road Creek Inn, Loa Utah

Day one-

Check in, explore Loa, games, family kickball

Day two-

Hike Sulphur creek

Lunch in Fruita- don't miss this historic town and the Ice Cream and pies at the Gifford House

Dinner, visiting, games, laughter

Day three-

breakfast, clean up, head home ... or head to Fishlake and put your pole in the water.

Mark your calendars- Next reunion- Thanksgiving 2022- Park City- Chris, Jenn and Family


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