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This one is truly "For the Birds"

Most summer mornings and evenings you can find me on my front porch indulging myself in a good book or catching up on some writing. I have the perfect view of the mountains and the summer air is simply delicious at these times of day. Plus, to be honest, it is a great place to hide from teenagers and their noise. Let’s just say this is my think spot.

However, there is something even something more amazing about my “spot.” This April I bought a spring wreath for the front porch. Now, I am not into fluff so I was delighted to find one that fit my personality. A simple green wreath with a navy checked bow. I hung the wreath on our front door and then thought nothing more of it. Fast forward a few weeks and my wreath began to be altered by twigs and branches and the front door received some mysterious mud spots. It was late-April when Rigby pointed out the seemingly obvious- a nest was being built on our front porch wreath. We began to watch our wreath in awe. So much for going for a simple wreath- not many folks get a wreath with an authentic nest on it.

As May gained in its momentum of madness, we lost track of the nest, but checked in and on March 23rd. I am glad we did. We found three of the most beautiful blue Robin eggs nestled in our wreath. What? We were expecting grand birds. It seemed a little miracle was occurring right on our front door.

On May 29th the first baby bird peeked through its egg shell and we caught it on film. On May 30th, all three eggs had hatched and the shells were no where to be found. Today, a little more than a week since their birth the little birds have more than doubled in their size.

So now I share my “spot” with three baby robins and their parents. I have watched in quiet observance as their mommy and daddy perch in a nearby tree. I love that the father and mother share the responsibility in providing food, shelter and care for their three babies. We have been in our home sixteen years this month. Rigby and I brought our fifth and final baby home here to four excited siblings. The five of them have grown alongside the trees and shrubbery. Together we have weathered wind, snow, and rainstorms. We have stretched with the spring flowers and fallen at times with the autumn leaves. On our journey, we have experienced both happy and sad tears. We have welcomed new friends with excitement and said goodbye to treasured playmates. But through it all, Rigby has been right there with me providing food, shelter, and care for our own “five” (not so little anymore) baby birds.


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