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Taking off the nametag

His fingers paused and then fumbled as our stake president asked him to remove his name tag as he honorably released him as a full time missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints . Not wanting to meet his gaze, I said a silent prayer realizing how difficult this moment was for him.

I recalled the moment we picked him (Elder Rigby) from the Mission Home in Yakima, Washington just six days previous when he gave me that first squeeze and whispered in my ear, "we did it mom!"

He went out a boy and came home a man. There is a quiet wisdom about him- a maturity he has gained through his two year pilgrimage as he has served, found, and walked with God. He brings such a warmth and strength of character with him- one I knew that as a small child he carried, but has now been brought to full view. He speaks deliberately and with faith, but he plays and laughs and shares much like the little boy I once knew.

I rose early Monday morning and my first thoughts were, "I can't forget to email Seleck" and then quickly I remembered he was home and a shrill of joy filled me. I went to his room and found him studying and preparing for the day. He has been trained, refined, and tested. He has been to "Toppenish" and his weak things have become strong (Ether 12:27).

The day he put on his name tag and then as later dropped him at the MTC curbside I gave him to God and sent with him a piece of my heart. The days he removed his

name tag, in that silent moment of prayer, I asked God to continue to keep him, to strengthen him and to lead him home.

"You did it Seleck!" And daddy and I couldn't be more proud, God Speed Mi hijo!



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