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Sunshine, Summertime and memories

Summertime is meant for exploring and reminiscing. We stole a Thursday morning to do both. I swear I never laugh harder than when we get together. We share so many memories. After all, the east side was indeed the BEST side to grow up in CC Town.

Growing up we scrambled up a little trouble, but it was good honest fun- forts, fires, abandoned houses, mailmen- and much more (kids would probably land themselves in juvenile hall if they did these activities today)! Today we live continents a part. She has traveled the world over. I have traveled some, but have kept most of my adventures close to home. The best part is that when we see each other whether it has been months or years, we pick up where we left off- that's the best kind of friendship. .

We found spots of snow at Cedar Breaks and we made memories with our daughters (she has three- I have one). It was fun to see them together- if only they lived next door? But wait who knows what they might do to the mailman.

I love summertime, but most of all I love spending time with those I cherish most. The "Breaks" were breathtakingly beautiful. I am always amazed by this mountain- meadows of wildflowers, aspen and pine trees growing together, meandering trails, and views that steal the heart. We will definitely be back!

Time does not stop. You must steal your memories and tuck them away in your heart.

Ready, set, go GIRLS! Wander where you will!


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