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Summer Dreams extinguished by COVID

My summer dream was to be in London, England this month celebrating my best friend, Suzanne’s, birthday. Yep, my daughter and I had found the perfect window of opportunity before her cross-country season began and we were going to hop a flight to London and leave the boys behind. But while we were facetiming the other night, Suzanne reminded me, “You know the United States is still on the amber list which would require that you would need to quarantine for 5 days upon arrival.”

Ugh, my dream was instantly deflated. The idea of being in quarantine for 5 days for an 8 day stay just didn’t seem practical. Funny, how my conversation with my BFF reminded me how blessed I was to live in Cedar City, Utah in the good ‘ole USA. While I had the privilege of removing my mask in my classroom the last week of school, she and her family remained in theirs through the end of their school calendar year.

In fact, her oldest daughter graduated from high school last week wearing a mask as did the choir who sang at the graduation and every guest who attended also wore a mask. When I responded with a moan, she smiled and said, “we were just grateful we were able to hold a ceremony for the graduation.”

This conversation was a good wake up call. A wake-up call to remind me of all that I enjoy in my present COVID world and that many around the globe aren’t so lucky. While for the most part, I am free to move about my community “mask free,” her life is still regulated by government issued mandates. Am I grateful? Yes? Do I look at the world differently than I did in February of 2020? You bet I do. While I chose to get the vaccine because I teach school, I am not in a big rush to get my children vaccinated. My husband is choosing not to get the vaccine, but our aging parents have. It is a whole new world out there with so many different dialogues.

But that is another wonderful part of the “good ole USA,” we can think and believe, and voice our own opinions. Looks like I will be sticking close to home this summer. Happy Birthday Suz! I will light a “few” candles and eat a little cake in your honor with no mask on and pray that you are able to do the same!

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Suzanne Pearson Roundy
Suzanne Pearson Roundy
27 juin 2021

We are so sad COVID derailed your trip to England! This ranks high on a long list of disappointments from the past 16 months, but we will just have to look forward to all the opportunities awaiting us! Thanks for capturing another part of our memorable lives with your writing. Love and miss you, but will be seeing you soon! xoxoxo

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