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Snow dusted Zion National Park

I spent a wonderful morning yesterday in Zion National Park. Each time I visit the park, I am in awe- it never gets old. For the outdoor lover, this park is better than Disneyland. "Eye Candy is endless here." Seeing it in the snow however, gives it an entirely new face. Almost if powered sugar has gently dusted the mountain tops.

I never tire of gnarled bare trees. It is as if the absence of leaves show the authenticity of the of their character.

Thoreau would have loved to wander on this "Winter Walk" here.

Our time was cut short, but after visiting with Elanor, the park ranger, about the possiblity of bringing the young women from our ward here for Girl's camp, we were able to do the short hike to Weeping Rock. The path was a little slippery, but fortunately, none of us fell.

The hike was magnificent and the icicles thrilling!

Seriously, it took my breath away.

Can't wait to see the park again in June!

Enjoy our wander... check out the photos below!

No one Zion is often referred to as Treasure of the Gods!

Watch you step!


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