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Remembering Clyde

I grew up in the original part of town on 2nd East. To me, it was paradise. I learned to roller skate on that street, raced my two-wheeler up and down the road, built fires in Woods’ old barn (don’t tell my mom), built forts in the vacant lot that we dubbed the “Hippie House,” raced boat (sticks) in the ditches, and played night games all summer long.

But the best part about 2nd East was its neighbors. Each became a “grandparent” to me. I can still see their faces, I remember the treats they delivered to our home each Christmas, and what newspaper they received (I was a papergirl and the Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News were the choices of the day). These neighbors watched us grow up, and we in turn watched them grow old. They lived quiet, good lives.

Thankfully, our children have been blessed with their own “2nd East.” Our neighbors have become family. Our children have raced their bikes throughout the streets, built a few fires, doorbell ditched a few neighbors (thanks for the patience), and have played night games all summer long.

In the summer of 2006, Clyde joined our neighborhood. Clyde’s youth was spent riding the waves in Oceanside, California; He raised two children as a bachelor, and he cared for his father in his last days. This handsome, silver haired man while sometimes a bit of a curmudgeon, changed our lives. Clyde joined our family for milestone events in our children’s lives: birthdays, blessings, baptisms, and graduations. Our children cared for his yard, shoveled his walks, delivered him fresh bread, and they loved him. Clyde became our “grandpa” across the street. Clyde watched our children grow up, and they in turn watched him grow old. Clyde lived a quiet, good life.

Clyde not only embraced us but the entire neighborhood. In return, the neighborhood embraced him. He was a mainstay. He and his dog walked the neighborhood religiously and made friends with almost everyone. Clyde loved Cedar City because it reminded him of the Oceanside of his youth. He said he felt at home here.

We said goodbye to Clyde this past month. His time worn body left us. Perhaps, now his spirit is surfing the heavenly waves. In the last few days of his life, our children made their last visits, served him, and loved him a little more closely. The night he passed, I rubbed his cold feet, tucked him into bed, and kissed him on the forehead. I told him I loved him, and I said, “see you tomorrow.”

While anyone can be a neighbor, not everyone can be neighborly. Clyde taught us that.

Below is Clyde's obituary written by his son Jeff

Clyde Wayne Madison, aged 82, passed away on February 17, 2022, at Cedar Rehabilitation Center in Cedar City, Utah. He was born on December 12, 1939 in Kansas City, Kansas, to James Virgo and Margaret Thelma Madison, and he grew up, went to school and got married in Oceanside, California.

Clyde was baptized as child by his Pastor/Grandfather Roy Gibson in the Church of God in Oceanside, California, and maintained his faith until his death. As a young man, Clyde was taught the skills of home building and remodeling by his father, and they flipped homes before it became ‘in-vogue’. Clyde worked for 30 years in the Savings and Loan business as a Treasurer, Branch Manager, Vice President and Regional Instructor, and concluded his professional career with Brevard County, Florida, as the Manager of there Recycling Program. Clyde was a lover of animals, especially his dogs, which he extended great care for. Clyde also loved conversing with people, as he believed everyone had an interesting story and background, and was worthy of a greeting. He really enjoyed playing poker with his friends, and had a hearty, infectious laugh. He loved Cedar City, his neighborhood, and had great affection for all his neighbors. He was intensely honest and beyond reproach, and was always willing to stand up for what was right.

Clyde is survived by his daughter Jennifer (Madison) Soule and her husband Jeffrey Soule; his son Jeffrey Madison and wife Lynn Madison; along with 2 grandchildren (Alec and Abbey) and 2 Great-Grandchildren (Wesley and Naomi). Clyde was preceded in death by his parents, along with many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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Charity Twitchell
Charity Twitchell
20 de mar. de 2022

Absolutely love this beautiful writing. Thank you!

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