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Moments with Marie


The sun streamed in through the glass windows, muttering under my breath, I order my pie and sit at the  soda fountain I reviewed my surroundings as I did daily.  Today, I had Kimball with me.  He is such a sweet meticulous boy and my first grandson.  What a treasure.  He loves to tag a long for my daily visits to the Bluebird.  I am not sure what enjoys most the  stories, or the chocolate malts. 

I always sit in the same spot, remove my white gloves and order a piece of pie- scrumptious.  Kimball sits quietly as I recount the stories and share the memories. " Your grandmother Jennie would have loved you so much!  You know she was my best friend!" He smiles and nods.  I love you Grandmother.

It is May in Logan as we turn the corner at West Center and head towards home.  Kimball points out the daffodils, and I quicken my pace.

The Logan Blue Bird- opened in 1914.  Perhaps Edwin and Jennie came here in the early days of their marriage.

West Center in Logan 

My Father lived here during the WWII with his mother, grandparents, and his brother Kurt


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