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Looking back at 1941- celebrating Kimball and Janet, 80 years young

1941 was definitely a year to remember- for heavens sakes it was the year M&M's were invented. It was also the year Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the Yankees won the World Series, and FDR began his 3rd term as president. However, the event which changed my life and the lives of my siblings was the birth of our parents on April 4th and 5th. Ruth and Max Weaver welcomed their first born, Max Kimball Weaver into their home in Price, Utah. The next day, a little further South Ora and Lucile Hofheins welcomed their first born Janet into their home in Parowan Utah. Kimball weighed barely 4 pound and Janet weighed over 10.

Family is what my Kimball and Janet value most. They are the parents of 14 children (this includes the spouses of their children), 33 grandchildren and six great grandkids. They each are the oldest of six children and at one time or another nearly all of their siblings lived in their home. They love being an aunt and uncle and have always welcomed their nieces and nephews into their home. And throughout the community they are know to many as "grandpa and grandma Weaver" to so many. They give of their time endlessly, their material wealth without thought, and of their love freely. I am so grateful, to call them mom and dad.

To celebrate their 80th birthdays, we gathered at the Zion Ponderosa Lodge and spent the weekend as a family. Happy 80th Birthday mom and dad.

Click on the pic below and enjoy our family slideshow of the weekend.


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