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Just in time for Valentine's

My weekend wander led me to my great grandparents' home in Parowan. I had an hour to kill in between Maleck's basketball games so I walked to my favorite place- Grandpa's house. This is the home where my grandmother Lucile Evans was raised with her siblings, Bernell, Orland, Alberta, Afton, and Pearl. This is the home where my mother was born, 80 years ago.

I am not sure why I keep coming back to this place- no one is here. I guess I just like to hear the echoes and feel the shadows. I like to remember them. I like to feel them. There is such serenity here. I recall the stories I have been told over the years, Pearl's young death (spinal meningitis, Grandma's untimely one (the legend of the sno ball tree), and the story my own mother's birth right there on the kitchen table. Close by is the grave yard where many of them are buried, but I like to visit them here best.

Thinking about William and Ann today....

William Leonard Evans with bride Alberta Ann Ward Married June 11, 1915 A love story for Valentine's... I wish I knew William and Ann's love story... where did they meet, what was their song. But I only have dates and this one beautiful picture. They were my maternal great grandparents. Three years prior to this picture William served a mission to England... He round Ann and fell in love. The two were married in the Salt Lake temple in June of 1915- that's a 106 years ago. They were the parents of 6 children. They knew how to do hard things, but above all, they knew how to love each other!

Ann is my namesake-- Happy Valentine's Day to you both!


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