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I've Fall-en

The colors of fall are intoxicating coupled with the Autumn air- I am at peace- my senses dazzled. Suddenly, I want to color all things in autumn hues, including my memories. I take my "youngers" to my favorite spot on the mountain. I came here often as a kid. The landscape is dotted with memories of my growing up years. We often came here for family gatherings- baseball on the diamond, hikes around the pond, picnics under the pavilion. I close my eyes for a moment and try to hear the voices from my memories.

I am awakened by the squeals of laughter from Emma and Maleck. They are skipping rocks. The ripples move slowly across the pond as they count them. They are delighted! Together we gaze at the pond and the reflection of the the trees off the water. Yellow, orange, and red leaves clamor for attention among the steady green. Soon the green leave will sing their finale slowly losing their chlorophyll as they ignite in color joining their counterparts. Fall is a fabulous display of God's handiwork as the earth prepares for winter. It is a symphony sung each Autumn, but the newness never wearies its watchers.

I gasp, I am in awe, and I am delighted. It is an art show I come to see each year.


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