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I live in a desert

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

It's July in CC town and the Mormons have been praying, again. The Bishop sighed with relief at the pulpit on Sunday exclaiming that God most certainly has heard our prayers- weather man says rain is on the way. I sit by my window with the heavy clouds hanging low with my window open working on the book that I am sure to write this year.

The next generation of neighbors have gathered in the backyard. Today, kickball is their game of choice. My baby boy is the "gatherer" of this brood. I love hearing their competitive clamor. It is the sound of summer. They too are grateful for a break from the arid heat. "No stealing," one shouts. There are smiles and laughter and continuous banter. It is their own "Mormon" rain dance. They are begging the clouds to drop the moisture and the sky to shout in thunder and lightning.

I wait too! Certainly, the rain will come- there must be a group of Mormon youth camping some where near by - this is a guarantee that rain will fall.

Everyone waits for the rain. It seems there is a lot of waiting this summer. Our oldest son, newly returned from his Mormon mission waits for answers- most certain God will send them. Our high school grad waits for the job he needs to get him on his way to PA school and waits for us to quit asking him about a mission. Our 15 year old waits for "16," his driver's license, and a chance to date. Our 13 year old daughter waits for her braces to be off. Our nine year old waits for no more chores, no more swimming lessons, no more being told what to do. Rigby waits for his next investment opportunity, and I "wait" on them all wondering when will I ever get to wander?

Thanks to the Mormon bishop and the Mormons for the prayers- rain is falling. Send up another prayer for me- grant me patience as we WAIT!



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