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Heirlooms... Zina's Tulips

I would not consider myself a gardener, but ever spring I wait in anticipation for Zina's tulips to bloom. They never disappoint me. Zina's tulips burst from their resting spot to remind me of her- Zina Lunt Rigby.

Zina was my husband's grandmother. We have several of Zina's cherished belongings which we inherited as heirlooms, but the tulips are the most beautiful.

I like how they catch me by surprise with their beauty. They dance and sing and smile. But it is their laughter which brings me the most joy.

Zina was a stalwart. Her faith sheltered generations, including my own. In the latter years of her life, I visited with her often at the care facility in which she spent her final days. She would share stories and jokes, and I would read to her. I cherish the memories we made on these occasions.

An heirloom is defined as an object that has belonged to a family for several generations. While the tulips we planted in our backyard might be considered an heirloom, they are but the embodiment of the greatest of Zina's heirlooms we inherited- Zina's faith.

Zina carried her faith in and love of our Savior Jesus Christ throughout her life. She treasured it, shared it, and magnified it. But she knew that much like the life of a tulip, one's faith may only bloom under the right circumstances.

During a cool spring with temperatures averaging between 45-55 degree tulips, will bloom for 1-2 weeks; however, if the weather is warmer, each bloom may only last for just a few days. Tulips are perennials. They are expected to return year after year.

Zina's tulips return each spring, and they remind me of her faith, and the need I have to nourish mine.


by Amyanne Rigby

I love the laughter of tulips,

They sing the joy of spring,

Dance in vibrant colors,

Grow in the dew

Smile for a fleeting moment...

Then nod, good bye!


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