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It is late Monday afternoon and I should be folding laundry or prepping for dinner, but instead my heart seeks respite from the craziness of life. With the click clack of each letter, I try to draw out my emotions...I can't seem to cry. This worries me a little... okay a lot! Our 2nd born graduates in two days and not a tear has fallen. However, that does not me I am not sad, proud, or grateful.

The journey to this point has been one fraught with great adversity, but like a warrior Stockton has triumphed...

Gratitude... for so many who have helped us raise our Stockton. Stockton has been blessed with so many amazing school teachers, coaches, mentors-- he has had the best that life has had to offer.

teachers- Bobette Clark, Kathy Riddle, Camille Griffiths, Martha Bayer, Howard Thorley, Janette Stubbs, June Miller, Mardie Dodds, Cody Christensen, Cory Merrell, Steve Pollock, Skyler Miller, Susan Merrell, (administrators) Ray Whittier, Conrad Aitken, Rich Nielson, Denny Heaton, Kyle Robinson

Coaches- Chris Weaver, Travis Rigby (dad), Ryan Savage, Mark Johnson, Dallas Lowry, Robby Robison, Skyler Miller, Rob Potter, Nate Janes

Mentors- Vicki Christian, Travis Holmes, Troy Stonely, Rory Christian, Cody Christensen, Jen Newman, Mike Bench, Terence Heath, Clyde Madison, Kade Adams, Brother Huff, President Rau, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings

And So Many, Many More!

So when he is handed his diploma Wednesday afternoon, it is a victory for all those who have impacted his life. You did Good!

From the bottom of my mama heart,

Thank you!


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