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E.B. Vickers presents Fadeaway

Updated: May 29, 2021

Ask me what my summer plans are and I'll say reading, running, (w)riting and the Rigbys- and who knows what order. As a kid, my mom called her seven children in for lunch and told us the next two hours would be spent reading. I loved it. My siblings not so much. I can still smell the way the old library smelled on Center street. My memories there were the best!

If you choose only one book this summer, make it Fadeaway- you will love it.

Truth be told my favorite thing to do on a Friday night is to curl up with a book and snuggle in for the night. However, this hasn't been something I have done regularly since my early teens. In those days, I would come home many nights after watching my brother's high school basketball games and grab a book and head to bed. I love those memories of watching my older brother Christ play for Steve Hodson. A couple of months ago, Rigby had taken our youngest turkey hunting which left me an evening alone and excited. I had been wanting to immerse myself in my friend's recently released book, Fadeaway. I was mesmerized from page one- Vickers brought my Friday nights full circle by combining two of my loves, basketball and Friday night books.

I read late into the night and then after getting our daughter off early to her track meet, I climbed back into bed and delved back in. It is always hard for me to finish a book because I have to say goodbye characters that have become my friends. Such was the case with Vickers' Fadeaway.

After devouring Fadeaway in its entirety, I texted Elaine (she's my friend you know). the text read, "okay... so I sent to bed late and I woke up early with a book in hand, your book, Fadeaway...and here I still am still in bed with tears rolling down my cheeks as I have read its last pages- I saying goodbye to Jake, Daphne, Seth, Luke, Kmart, Kolt and my favorite, Coach B. It is a masterpiece my friend- thank you, thank you for your story."

And Now I share with you Fadeaway and the belief that you are enough.

With a cast of characters and plot line that leaves you in awe Elaine Braithwaite Vickers (E.B. Vickers) dazzles her readers with her first Young Adult book and third novel, Fadeway. Fadeway explores various themes as it merges the perspectives of its characters, Jake, Daphne, Seth, Luke, and Kolt.

These characters are believable and lovable; the tale is gripping and timely capturing real-life issues which paralyze the youth of today. Vickers’ exploration of perfectionism and addiction makes these topics comfortable rather than concealing. When the last page is read and the book is closed, the reader is saddened to say goodbye to characters who have become friends. Fadeway is brilliant!

Fadeway although a fictional work, is loosely based on Vicker’s Great Uncle, Wilbur Braithwaite, who finds himself center stage in Vickers’ book as “Coach B.” Braithwaite coached high school basketball and tennis in his hometown, Manti Utah. Braithwaite garnered a dozen championships as a coach, but he was also a poet and philosopher both which find its way into Fadeaway.

Fadeaway and Vickers kicked off Canyon View High School’s Writer’s Guild inaugural event. Vickers shared the power of a story before a crowd of fifty of CV’s finest Falcons. As she shared her journey of becoming an author, she encouraged students to see themselves as authors too.

The Writer’s Guild is the brainchild of Canyon View High School’s English Department. The “flex” period at CVHS not only allows students a period for remediation, but it also provides the opportunity for enrichment experiences such as the Writer’s Guild.

The Writer’s Guild will continue with bi-monthly writing workshops and other author visits in the coming school year. These workshops will be run by CV’s own English department. Each English teacher will share with the guild their own area of expertise. These include: creative fiction, poetry, journalism, and blogging.

Vickers is an award winning author of picture books, middle grade books including Like Magic and Paper Chains. She is a graduate of Cedar High School and holds a PHD in Chemistry. She currently is a professor of Chemistry at Southern Utah University. She and her husband Rob are the parents of three terrific teenagers, Jack, Hailey and Lucy (hope I got that right?). Vickers’ books can be found where ever books are sold- signed copies of Fadeway can be purchased at Bulloch Drug. Interested in attending a workshop led by Vickers? Check out June 14-15 zoom or in person.


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