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Dearest Jennie- finding the words

(part of my writing project- finding the workds December 28, 1921 Dearest Jen,

Ruth turned four today.  I wish you could have been here to see her.  She is absolutely precious. I often tell her stories about you.  She reminds me so much of you, but she definitely has Ed's eyes.  I wish you were here.  Mother came for the birthday cake.  We all miss you so much.

I am trying not be be so stern with your little ones.  I am afraid it is embedded in my nature.  Leo is great with them both- so loving. 

I haven't heard from Ed, but he sent Ruthie daffodils. 

I often feel your presence near the children especially at night.  I feel like you come to them in their dreams.

I am doing so hard to be a good mom to them.

xo, baby sister, Marie


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