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Castle Valley and the Cowboys

En Route to Chicago with our oldest of the "fab Five," we stopped to enjoy the views of Castle Valley- a land so harsh that settlement here in the late 1870's was reserved for cowboys of the toughest grit.

This dessert land possesses beauty uncommon to its neighboring landscapes. The land is rough and rugged and absolutely stunning in the same breath. The skies seem to go on forever and the stories seem to reverberate from cliff to cliff. It is a land of legends.

Between the 1970's and 1980's this point along I-70 became a treasure trove for the archaeologist. During interstate construction, evidence was founded dating inhabitants of this land to nearly 9,500 years ago up to ranching sites of the 20th century- it was the mother lode.

While the Swasey brothers lay claim to the title of the "toughest" cowboys of the San Rafael, 21st century cowboys can try a horse of their own with local outfitters offering a taste of the west. Local rodeos for the amateur are also offered throughout the region. Don't miss Ghost Rock- the story goes a cowboy thought he saw a ghost emerge from the dense low fog- thus its name. The presence of this rock is commanding- even startling- the name fits.

Ghost towns, uranium mines, geological formations, archaeological finds, cowboy tales, and adventure lay waiting to be discovered on one very lonesome road- I-70. Don't miss this stop- discovery awaits.

Photo gallery- enjoy the view!


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2 Kommentare

23. Juli 2019

These are beautiful, I hope we see them in an article in Etched !

Gefällt mir

Jacob Barlow
Jacob Barlow
25. Juni 2019

Great pictures, cool website.

Gefällt mir
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