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I am in love with this city... the cobblestone streets, the architecture, the food, the history. Simply put this place is mesmerizing. After a red eye flight from Vegas Thursday night we headed to the Boston Common. This area marks America's oldest park. It once was grazing ground for the colonials cattle. We enjoyed the cold Boston airand the surrounding monuments that mark the perimeter of the grounds. Gratefully, we checked into Marriott's Custom House- it is so beautiful and steeped in history. After a well deserved nap, we headed to Boston's North End (Boston's oldest neighborhood est. in the 1630's)and took in the sites and the food. Little Italy was incredible- the food amazing. Afterwards, we took a spin on Ann Kennedy carousel by the green way. Lots of smiles and laughter and memories made

Today, we slept in and then treated ourselves to Boston's Duck tour- super fun. A trip to the aquarium was next - Maleck's pick- The penguins and the big turtle were our favorites. After a quick bite and a nearby cafe we grabbed a burger at a cafe and then jumped on the subway and headed to Harvard. I was in utter awe- Em and Maleck were more delighted by the one and only Curious George Store. Trav delighted in letting me navigate back to our room- ha! We picked up a few items at CV pharmacy and then called it a day.

Tomorrow will bring more adventures and memories made.


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