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Back to school

Carpe Diem! That's what I tell my kids- seek adventure, embrace new opportunities, explore, be bold... be daring.

These words echoed in my mind as I ascended the steps of the Braithwaite Building on the campus of Southern Utah University. In that moment nothing had changed yet everything had changed.

I looked around for familiar faces and suddenly noticed they all looked so young. "Great!" I thought. "I have them all by 20 years." I really felt out of place- yep like a "fish out of water."

Room 208.. found it. I situated myself on bench near the door and sat down not wanting to appear nervous. Part of me was overly confident, but the other part scared to death! The preceding class was just finishing. The voice of the professor seemed all to familiar... "Dr. Bishop." Wow, the saxophone playing, genius student, and my date to the senior prom stood at the front of the room- he was the professor.

Upon his exit, we exchanged greetings and I entered the room. I had sat in this classroom many times before with professors Moorty, Cook, Aton, Simon, Dubrasky, and of course my favorite, David Lee. This room held so many memories for me- these professors were my heroes and my mentors.

I spent the next 50 minutes enraptured in the music of this classroom. I was comforted in knowing that the classroom still held me spell bound. Mr. Professor, Dr. Arter, reminded me of my love for teaching, literature, knowledge, and thrill of the classroom.

Yep, and the professor even knew my name... I guess it's hard not to miss a non-trad!

As I sat there, I missed not only my professors but my classmates. Where were they? Trevor, Aiden, Melissa, Cody, Amy? And then I heard the voice of David Lee. I remembered the day he shared his lecture on Chaucer and Canterbury tales- now that was a magical day!


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