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Baby Boy Turns 9

I woke up to a little voice on the phone... "mommy."  It was cute baby boy miles away on an elk hunt with daddy and grandpa.  Tears dropped pretty quickly from my sleepy eyes.  This is the first birthday we have been a part.  Today Maleck is 9.  He is our miracle baby, our "keeps us young" baby, our forever baby. What an incredible blessing he has been to our family. He truly was born in the "wilderness of our affliction." He is both competitive and tenderhearted, brave yet compassionate, adventurous yet cautious.  He is all the good things a little boy could every be.  The only problem is that he is growing up much to quickly.  I pray he will always want hugs and snuggles, and early morning cuddles.   Never could a little boy have been so welcomed and wanted to his four older siblings.  He has been loved and doted on from the very first moment they saw him!

If you were here with me today Maleck I would have kept you close, went on an adventure and tell you again about the night you were born.  I love you my little boy.  You truly shared with me what Mary felt , "Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart." Happy Birthday Maleck- you will forever be my baby boy! Xo, Mama P.S.  I hope you get a big elk!


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