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ALL THINGS BOSTON... Fenway and the Boston Marathon

Magnificent Monday from Boston. Our weekend has been amazing- we have enjoyed all things Boston- Boston Creme Pie, Boston Brownie A la Mode, Boston Common, Boston Freedom Trail, Boston China Town, Boston Opera District, Boston Pizza- and of course the cherry on top- Boston Red Sox and the Boston Marathon. Super Spectacular. We love this city!

Over the years, Rigby and I have could have taken many opportunities to leave the kids behind and enjoy the world of travel, but we chose early on in our marriage to bring them with us as much as possible. Finding time to travel has been super difficult while managing their crazy active five schedules, but somewhow we have managed to pull off some pretty amazing trips. When Emma was in kindergarten and Maleck was just a squirt we took the three older of the "Fab Five" to DC and had a magnificent time. So this time, we decided to "trip" with just Emma and Maleck.

It has been an amazing experience. The sights, sounds, and flavors of Boston have definitely delivered- We are in love with Boston... and we have walked everywhere.

What city is next on your bucketlist?


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