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#adventure awaits... weekend "Wanderful"

We are 15 days into the New Year and I have already had four amazing  outdoor adventures- I am loving it.  Living in southwest Utah provides “bucketfuls” of opportunity.  I am a CC town native- this year I turn the big 44.  Rigby and I love living in this little town which now has a very big light on the hill.

In just near an hour’s time, we can be to Zion, Bryce, Snow Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Brian Head, or St. George.  We celebrated the New Year with a 4 wheeler expedition near the Glitter Mine south of St. George  I loved it. The Indian drawings were spectacular and Maleck got to dig for crystals- it was perfect.  I loved the fresh air blowing in my face and the blue sky hanging over head- so blessed to live here in the southwest.

Then just six days later, we celebrated Rigby’s birthday with our first ever mountain biking experience (both he and I got new bikes for his birthday-he is the sweetest ever).  We are hooked!  We found a great website with mountain bike trails and picked one.  The terrain differed in its difficulty.   I admit, we got off our bikes a time or two to traverse tough terrain.  But we made up for our timid stops on this 9 mile loop with lots of whooping and hollering on the slick rocks and taking the “tunnel” under I-15.  It was completely dark.  I am not sure I would have dared had it not been for the courage of Emma and Maleck.

On Saturday Rigby and I stayed local and took the “off road” trail until we hopped on the trail near Vetrans Park and then biked up to the mouth of the canyon.  The first part was pretty tough but the rest was a breeze.

We spent MLK as a family taking the bike trail Cactus Hugger.  The first part seemed all up hill and rather boring, but about four miles into it, it was  a lot of fun.  It was fun to have the whole crew with us!

So while I am seriously contemplating my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, I am definitely adding more adventure!  I just want to get out and experience the beautiful surroundings in which I live—life is to short. I guess Thoreau said it best, “I want to live deep and suck all the marrow in life and when It comes time to die, I don’t want to discover that I have not lived.”

Happy New Year from the Team Rigby at Barnwood and Tulips- #moreadventuresin2018


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